Saturday, 6 June 2009

Catching up with new friends

Meeting Ann again in Ellesmere Port

There are many advantages in doing VSO, but one of them is the people and making new friends who, without a doubt, will be friends for life, because you have shared so much with them.

Meg and Stephen

Within less than a week of our return, Meg (VSO NCERD colleague from Southport) stayed with us on her way back to New York to see her new grandchild again - Emily. She stayed on the way back and a few weeks later, when we had finally got wheels again (not bicycles this time) we were on our way "Up North" to Southport to see her.

We even went on the "Duck" trip around Liverpool

Round and about Liverpool

We had a great few days and the Guyana experience really flooded back. We were tourists around the area and in Liverpool and then went on to Ellesmere Port to see Ann who had also worked in NCERD but had left a year earlier. What a great time we had together! There were no silent moments and Guyana really came black to life whilst we were visiting Chester and New Brighton (last time there in 1960!).

After "Church"

They both gave us the greatest welcome and I know that when we go to visit Sanny (CPCE lecturer) in Ireland in two weeks time it will be just as good.

In fact, we now have friends all over the world and look forward to extensive travels and, of course, if you are one of them, you are equally welcome here.