Sunday, 3 February 2008

Hindu Wedding

Station St in Kitty is where most of the volunteers live and also where a Hindu wedding was to take place last week. The traditions are the same as they might have been at home except for the fact that they are in Guyana and not in India and that it is an urban environment and not a village affair.

I was going to go but I decided to bow out of it because I knew that it would be very noisy and I don't find that easy to cope with these days. Mary went along with some of the others volunteers and, thanks to Meg for her photos, we are able to give you a full pictorial account. The bride and groom started off in different houses in traditional dress and eventially, after the Hindu ceremony, had a traditional ceremony much the same as anywhere in the world with white dress (complete with pom poms and a white suit).

May they have a happy life together!

Incidentally, the celebrations went on for five days and the drumming was heard in my bedroom 2 miles away. But you only get married once!