Thursday, 20 September 2007

Latest News

Hi everyone,

Good news on Dad. The procedure went very well and everyone seems pleased with the outcome. There is a possibility he could be out of hospital before we leave which would be great. They're still hopeful about doing the new Dutch procedure in the next month or so.

In a week we will be winging our way back to Guyana and we are both looking forward to it very much. Can't give lots of personal replies to emails at the moment because we are in the library and are limited for time. Thanks to all who replied!!!

Stephen and Mary

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

News from Old England

Hi Everyone,

No pictures this time but just by way of an update on what we are doing in Sunny Britain.

First things first - Dad. Well it has been like a roller coaster and it's still not over. As you know, we acted on the information that we had at the time which was that he was having an imminent operation which had significant risks so we had to see him before he had it. Georgetown and Barbados airports did not help our passage with their antics and we spent 90 minutes queuing to go through immigration at Timheri (go slow or something) and I had to resort to telling the Chief Immigration Officer what I thought of what was going on and he kindly ushered us through the VIP way which enabled us to catch our plane. Barbados was worse including 90 mins for immigration and another 90 minutes for EVERY bag to be searched. They said they were looing for wooden objects to make sure they were safe to go through. They were actually being very bloody minded about it all. The rest of the trip was without event.

However, I digress. Dad lay in hospital for two weeks without so much of a change of medication. He moved to St George's in Tooting which was better but it transpires that the original operation could never really have taken place. After 2 and a half weeks they said it was not his heart and they may be able to do something with the medication. Great News., However, on Friday last they did another test and lo and behold we were back to square one. Needed Heart Sugery. They gave us the options and he decided he didn't want the big operation but would wait for the less obtrusive Dutch one that could happen within 1 - 3 months. In the meanwhile they are, propbably as we speak, giving him a procedure through keyhole in preparation for the Dutch operation (Dutchteam coming to England). If it works it will give him 3 months or so while he is waiting for the next. So everything is very up and down at the moment.

As for the rest of the time, it has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster as well. We are living in Dad's flat which is lovely but we are not ready to be pensioners just yet. I have been to Cornwall to see my sister Irene and visited Truro, Land's End and Redruth of all places. The weather was the best England has experienced this year. Bright blue skies and a perfect temperature. I visited our friends Peter and Angela in Swindon, planning to return to them today which we have had to cancel for obviou reasons. I went cycling along the Kennet and Avon Canal on Saturday and have sampled several cream teas.

So we are back to the flat. Saw Hannah and Dave and Miranda yesterday in Hannah's beautiful house in Crystal Palace and hope to see Ann Thomas (Her Ladyship) on Sunday. The days are ticking away. We have an 51st anninversary Mass and meal to go to and we have hardly seen the boys and must fit that in.

Really can't wait to get back to Guyana. Have really missed it from the beginning. But a lot still to sort out here. Due to return in the early hours of Friday 28th Sept. all being well.

So thanks to all those who've been in touch.

Love to all

Stephen (and Mary who is in the hospital) (I couldn't go because I had to have my own blood tests but will meet her later)

PS have had tooth ache for three weeks and had an extraction yesterday but it still HURTS.