Tuesday, 29 January 2008

May They Rest in Peace

There's a lot of pain in Guyana at the moment. No-one can understand why innocent children can be gunned down, let alone their adult relatives. The pain of the families of the 11 people who lost their lives in Lusignan is being felt across the country.

There are messages of condolences all evening on the TV and radio and rumours are flying about as to what will happen next. Church leaders are mobilising to bring peace and stability to a place shocked by needless violence and to avoid civil unrest.

As with the rest of the nation we send out our heartfelt support in thoughts and prayers to those who remain to deal with this tragedy.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Any idea what they're doing?

If you can't guess and you want to know, go down to the very bottom of the right hand side bar.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Just Kids!!!

De Gurls


De Boys

Photographs taken in Kwakwani Primary School, Region 10, Guyana, 12 hours return from Linden by 4 X4 on a mud road!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Now I know what it feels like!

As a headteacher, there are certain things which fill up your day. They are the following:-

Staff Issues 10%

Curriculum 5%

Teaching 7%

Picking Litter 18%

Fastening Ties 21%

Personal 3%


Getting boys to tuck in their shirts 36%

It goes like this........

"John, for the hundredth time, tuck in your shirt"

"Yes, Sir" (Mumble, mumble, mumble)

"Are you not proud of your school?"

"Yes, Sir" (Huge sigh)

John goes round corner properly dressed and pulls his shirt out.

We got tickets for Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the National Cultural Centre and, excited, we entered the theatre. Mary and Meg went ahead as I handed in the tickets. The conversation with the usherette went like this.

Large crowds trying to get in theatre.

"Sir, your shirt!"

"Pardon?" says I

"Sir, your shirt!, Your shirt!"

Everyone looks to see the tail unfold.

"Sir, your shirt has a fishtail. Please go to the washroom and tuck it in"


"Please go to the washroom over there and tuck in your shirt"

Stephen incensed, embarrassed, this can't be happening to me.

"Yes, yes, alright, alright" (Mumble, Mumble Mumble), 'Did you have to do it in front of all these people?'

Tucks in shirt (without going to washroom) and sees at least 4 others with similar shirts (untucked).

Stephen goes round corner, pulls out shirt and enjoys the show.

You see, they have a dress code but it doesn't say anything about shirts.

Well, now I know what it feels like after all these years.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Around the world

Suddenly, Stephen and Mary@ Guyana has gone truly worldwide. Up until now we had regular readers form Britain, USA and Canada but, all of a sudden, people have been logging in from all over the world - Mexico, Uraguay, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Kuwait. Could it be that the last blog was flagged as St Lucia and everyone wants to go there? Anyway, if you are from another country, please leave a message in the comments and let us know what you are up to?

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

St Lucia 2008

As you leave Guyana Airport ..........

Well, looking back at it, the last post seemed to be a little depressing - all that stoning to death and all that, but that's supposed to be what happened to him - poor Stephen!

However, since then we have had a fabulous seven days in the Island of St Lucia and 5 days back in Georgetown and back to work which has been a smooth return. Far better than in some previous years. From my perspective, the last year has probably been the best this century. We feel we are making a difference and enjoying it in the process. Unlike teaching, although we work very hard and there are lots of deadlines, we can choose the way we work and aren't pressured by 30 sets of eyes, ears and mouths all the time. Mind you, 60 - 100 Guyanese teachers , Headteachers or trainee Headteachers can be pretty daunting when you first start but after a while it becomes second nature! We take the opportunity to teach whenever we can and really enjoy it because the kids are great, polite and very patient. I'll be really happy to go back to supply teaching in primary schools when I get home to earn enough money to take us on our holidays as long as we can.

View from our patio in Castries St Lucia

But, I am seriously digressing. Basically St Lucia was..............

  • lusciously warm but not too hot

  • beautiful

  • surrounded by blue sea

  • full of great people

  • reasonably inexpensive

  • only 3 hours away from Guyana

  • tropical

  • clean

  • quiet

  • surrounded by white sand

  • full of superb restaurants

  • a great place to spend Old Year's Night and New Year's day

  • a lovely place to spend with friends

and........... and............. and..........!!!!!!!!

I'll say no more, but if you follow this link you will see some of the pictures and they speak for themselves.

Click Here for Photos of St Lucia

Totally relaxed or what.....?