Saturday, 28 July 2007

Georgetown Guyana

Hi everyone,

So sorry that it's been so long since we have been in touch but we are still in the land of the living, doing well, working hard and enjoying ourselves.

It's been a really busy few weeks and it doesn't let up for about another fortnight.

About a month ago we went to Rockview which is in Annai, Region 9 in the south of the country near to Brazil. We flew rather than taking the 24 hour round trip on unmade roads by minibus. We had a wonderful time but unfortunately Mary was ill for about a week after - can only describe it as tropical tummy! But she's fine now and everyone gets it at some time.

We then went into Leavers' Parties Mode. Many of the VSO is Georgetown were or will be leaving soon and the parties followed one after another. It was great but really exhausting for those of an age a little way off from their prime.

Immediately after we went into workshop mode - Mary did a SEN workshop for 30 or so with another VSO who led it - Elske and then she went into two of her own lasting the whole of last week and involving in excess of 120 teachers. I assisted and we made a great double act.

Next week we will prepare for my one week workshop for over 50 Educational Management Master Trainers from all over Guyana and then we will deliver it together.

After that we will rest a little and have now booked our tickets home for 25th September until 16th October. Loking forward to it but it will be really strange.

If you'd like to see some pictures of Georgetown where we live, then just click on this link:-

We hope all our family and friends are well and please keep in touch at:

And if you are interested in seeing what I have been up to with the website I have been preparing for the Ministry of Education, then go to

It's only an outline at the moment but you can watch it grow!!