Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Catching up

So Janelle and Nicholas's baby is almost two weeks old now and very beautiful. And growing. Mary has been involved in serious work in supplying teaching materials and training courses for the MOE Fast Track Initiative in Literacy. Everything has to be done the day before yesterday - a bad concept which means that quality is seriously compromised (except for Mary and Meg's work).

I am just plodding on with the review of my course. Good news is that exam results for this year (management course) are the best ever. Must be doing something right. But I have so much to do and the time is ticking away. Never thought I would say it.

The computer died!!!! Probably a virus despite very expensive anti-virus software and my being totally neurotic about keeping it clean. I now hate computers with a deep loathing!! Sort of got it mended. Windows died completely and had to load another copy in a different directory. That means I can see my files and use them but have no connections to any of my programs so had to load some essential ones again. Got the internet going and it will stumble on until we return home when I hope to deal with it properly.

And for the enjoying ourselves. Well, 35 years of marriage is certainly worth celebrating. Mary was too busy on the actual day so we just went into town to watch the launch of Carifesta - a big cultural event in August. Very good, but too many people and there were a few demonstrations, allegedly about food shortages but by the size of the woman who started it, I don't think she had ever experienced a shortage and was probably causing one all on her own. We went off to a newish restaurant - Sizzling Platter and had a really good Indian meal with lovely fresh ingredients.

We have always been known for spreading out the celebrations. On Saturday we went to the Pegasus Hotel for lunch and a swim followed by a night, evening meal and breakfast in Cara Lodge, only 1/4 mile from where we live but a beautiful old colonial place with excellent service and a great atmosphere. A once in 35 years experience.

And then the "piece de resistance" to come. Tomorrow we're off to Barbados for 4 nights. Thursday is Labour day and Monday is Indian Arrival Day, both national holidays, so we only had to take one day off to make a long weekend. I'll say little about it now but will report back when we get home.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Congratulations to Nicholas and Jenelle

on the birth of their beuatiful son

born in Woodland Hospital yesterday.

Nicholas works with us as a PE Specialist and Jenelle reads the 6 O'clock news on NCN - the national TV station.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

National Song of Guyana

Since the difficult time saround the country, the national radio Station Voice of guyana has been playing 2 or 3 national songs a day to try to unite the country. Some are pretty awful but others are good. I have never known a country that has so many national songs.

This is one of my favourites - it's up beat and to the point and talks about unity which is one of the biggest issues here. It's got a rousing tune and sounds in the same vein as Oklahoma but not the same tune!


W. R. A. Pilgrim

Let us co-operate for Guyana

Let us co-operate for our land,

Let us resolve to fight together

See we do it right together

Can we do it? Yes we can.

Each man must do his bit with his comrades,

Each man must do his bit for his land,

Each must resolve to help another,

Learn to call his neighbour ‘brother’

Can we do it? Yes we can.

Each group must do its best for the region,

Each group must do its best for the land,

Each group must sacrifice a little

Learn to do without a little

Can we do it? Yes we can.

The regions must unite for the country,

The regions must unite for the land,

Each region has its chosen mission

But they all have one ambition

Can we do it? Yes we can.

Let us co-operate for Guyana

Let us co-operate for our land

Let us resolve to fight together

See we do it right together

Can we do it? Yes we can.


Here's the link to the others

Friday, 4 April 2008

Link to Kaieteur - Times Online

Thanks to Daniel for this link. Look out for the programme on BBC in the Spring.
Click Here: Times Online

This has been in the sidebar for some time now, so I thought I would put it on the main page in case any of you have not seen it.

Posted by Yvonne at 10:50 AM (I hope you don't mind me using this Yvonne. It's brilliant.)

The phrase “just now” in Guyana doesn’t imply the immediate past as it does in the States, but refers to an indeterminate amount of time in the future. It can mean anything from one minute, one hour, a week, a few months or never.

It’s an ambiguous phrase which oftentimes leaves the receiver waiting and waiting until request is fulfilled. Here’s an illustration of its versatility:

When it means in a minute… or maybe five….

Student #1: Miss, when you sharin’ out test papers?

Me: Just now. Go sit down.

Student #2: Miss, ya sharin’ out test papers?

Student #1: Miss said, “Just now go sit down.”

Student #3: MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS, you sharin’ out test papers? How many marks I get?

Student #1: You don’t hear good? Miss said, “Sit down.”

When it means an hour or two….

Me: Sir, we have a staff meeting this afternoon (during school hours). What do you want to do with the children?

Headmaster: Just now I gonna decide Miss.

When it means in a few weeks…

Student: Miss, you leaving (the country) just now?

Me: Yup. July coming.

Student: Alright Miss. I gonna come by you just now and you gonna share your sweetie and chico with me.

When it means never…

Me: My mom sent me a package on May 5th. It’s July already, when can I expect it?

Postal Worker: Just now. Probably got sent to Africa you know.