Sunday, 3 February 2008

New School in Diamond

There are not often new schools in Guyana and, when there are, they are generally much the same as the old ones, but the new school in Diamond on the East Bank of the Demerara was different. In fact, when it opened, many families took their children out of the private schools, kitted them up with school uniforms and sent them in on the first day. The new school was built to accomodate the children from the primary tops in the area - 5 or 6 schools which were much like the elementary system in England in the 1950s, except that the children didn't quite make it in the grade six exams and couldn't get a place in the general secondary schools.

What struck me about the children when I went along with a team to assist in management issues was how bright eyed and intelligent and willing to learn they were. Any English teacher would think they had died and gone to heaven to teach these children. Guyana may have its problems but the children are certainly not one of them; they are delightful, without exception in every region!!!!! They are the future and the new generation and the adults need to realise how important they are and in some cases stop giving them "short change".

Best wishes for the future to Diamond secondary school.