Saturday, 6 June 2009

Arriving Home

It's over two years since we left England to go on our Guyanese adventure and so much has happened in that time and it has changed our lives FOREVER!

It was a good and uneventful flight and we arrived at Gatwick Airport in the early hours of of the morning on 2nd March 2009 to be met by Dan, Matt and Ann. It was weird. Walking in the house (without lodgers) and all for us was a strange experience. I couldn't resist looking into rooms I hadn't seen and opening drawers and cupboards just to see what was there. Matt and Lucy (and the lodgers) had looked after the place really well but there was a lot to do, mainly unpacking boxes which were all piled up in one of the rooms. The garden was neat but the trees and shrubs had had a whale of a time whilst we were away and bits had disappeared altogether.

So we set about the task of reorganising our lives, not back to the way they were, but the way they were going to be from now on as a retired couple with sooooo much to do that we wouldn't have found the time to work. We decided to call our retirement "sabbatical" because it was clearly a short time "time off" with a lot more to come when we got around to it and when we wanted to do it (whatever "IT" was) at our own pace. But there were one or two things to do before I can really end this blog.

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