Monday, 9 February 2009

Miss P invites us to dinner

Stephen and Mary with Miss Eileen (left) and Miss P (right)

Just over a week ago, our landlady Miss P invited us to dinner in her home with Michaela (Peace Corps who lives in our yard) and her mother who was visiting.

Michaela and visiting Mum Patti

It was a Guyanese gastonomical delight. All taditional Guyanese food was home cooked by Miss P with more than a little help from Miss Eileen, the lady that does. It was superb - 7 0r 8 dishes, each better than the next and finishing with Black Cake (traditional for celebrations) and a baked custard. What a treat! And we only had 10 yards to go home!

Miss P and her "live-wire" sister in law!