Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wow! One year completed!

Now with pitures of our meal at the
New Thriving

It's incredible but today we celebrate one year in Guyana. That's quite an achievement. Last night we went out with our good friends Meg (who came with us a year ago), Celia and Mira (who were celebrating their 6 months in the country). We went to the New Thriving Restaurant in Kitty. It's a Chinese and is much more "up market" than the rest. In fact it's much better than the average Chinese in England - good food, service and you can see the food being cooked. That's really interesting. It's clean, skillful and exciting - lots of flame!

Celebrating One Year and 6 Months respectively

at the New Thriving Restaurant

Stephen, Mary and Meg one year later

They tell us that the second year goes really fast. Not too fast please as there is a lot to do and we're enjoying ourselves.

We're back to work today.

Here's to the next year!