Sunday, 3 February 2008

Georgetown Guyana

Just to keep you updated about what this place we have been living in looks like. I took a few photos this morning of the Bourda Market. (Cricket fans will recognise the name). It's cheaper than the Farmers' Market that I've shown you before.

Well, it's basic and some people try to scratch a living out of selling a few herbs at GY$40 -that's 10p and you can't grow them for that. They all sell the same things and you hear the same cry from everyone.......

"You shoppin', uncle"

It's sad but they must make something or they wouldn't do it. Personally, I buy from those who display the prices and call me "Babes" rather than "Uncle"!!!!!

Tomatoes - GY$220 - 55p a lb

Potatoes - GY$80 - 20p a lb

Cucumber - 3 for GY100 - 8p each

Lettuce - from GY$100 to GY$500 (in the rainy season) 25p to £1.25 each

Pineapple - GY$260 - 60p

These are the staples, but how can they afford it when they might only earn GY$40,000 a month and pensioners get only GY$6,000 a month?

Well. rice is just being sold for GY$360 a gallon to help out. It keeps you alive.

They seem to survive but at what cost?

Go into the supermarket and the exported goods are available but who can afford them? They are more expensive than England and the salary for a teacher is only 1/20th of an English teacher's salary.
You can look at a few more photos of the market by clicking on the following link: