Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Cooling Down Party

In good VSO tradition we decided to hold a Pot Luck Supper at our house to celebrate two happy years in Guyana for Mary, Meg and I. With Pot Luck, you get what you get and everyone brings something.

However, the important thing about parties is that you are there. But as you may have just read, we were taken out for the day and didn't get back until 4 minutes before the party was due to start. Anyway, I have been teaching leadership for the past two years and the importance of delegation, so a few phone calls and the whole thing was sorted thanks to our good friends Cheryl and Martin who set everything up and we arrived in style with everything done.

The party was great with superb food and everyone had a great time especially the three of us, even if we were a little tired after our exciting day.

Judge for yourself!