Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cultural Extravaganza - Guyana Police Force

You know there are some times when you need a lift because life is a little bit samey. Well this weekend was it. Not so much the weekend but from Sunday night onwards. Weekend was the same as always - shopping etc etc. But on Sunday evening we splashed out the $500 each (that's £1.50 since the recession) and went to the National Cultural Centre. For those who know Croydon, it's like a smaller version of Fairfield Halls and very nice.

Despite its title it was a mixture of talent from the Guyana Police Force and friends. It was police and military bands, singers, indian dance, gymnastics and Creole comedy (we're starting to understand some of it now). It's not just about the words but the culture. It was great and really uplifting. There was such talent it was surprising they ever find time to do their shooting practice with the automatic weapons they carry around with them. As usual, I digress. One even played a rifle like a trumpet. We really enjoyed it.

Thankyou Guyana Police Force!