Saturday, 20 September 2008

Mary's visit to Santa Mission Amerindian Village

"Inspiring our nation to move forward in unity"

On 13th September 2008, last Sunday, Mary went to Santa Mission to celebrate Amerindian Heritage Month and it was a really good day out. There were all the usual long winded speeches but she said it was lovely to see the children singing and dancing and reciting poems.
The Prime Minister was the guest of honour and after the ceremonies, including the opening of the new school, he went 'walkabout'. She was sitting on the grass with the group of people she was with and did not know he was behind her until he shook her hand, asked her if she was VSO and told her she was very welcome in Guyana. Somehow I don't think you are meant to be sitting down when you shake hands with the Prime Minister!

The day included the official opening of a school and the village office, the unveiling of a monument, a kayaking competition, various cultural events and the President (well, the acting President in the form of the Prime Minister).

You can see all of the photographs in a slide show here.

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