Sunday, 31 August 2008

Carifesta X Guyana

About every two years, a huge festival is held in the Caribbean. It started 36 years ago in Guyana and it has returned here this year for Carifesta X (ten).

The whole week has been full of activities - cultural, religious, culinary, literary etc. It has been a great success and Guyana has done itself proud. They are to be congratulated. From an outsider's point of view it has been all it should have been. It seems, however, that a few Guyanese boycotted it for political reasons. That's sad because anything that brings peoples together cannot be a bad thing.

We enjoyed it and went to a literary evening with readings from Guyanaese writers, a children's play performed by the children Mary works with, the Amerindian village, Sophia exhibition centre - arts and crafts and an excellent performance by a St Lucia Dance Troupe who performed the Village dance with such energy that we wre exhausted just watching it.

The opening was marred by rain at first but when it cleared it was excellent. We saw it on TV as tickets were hard to get for the National Stadium. But the rest of the week has had little rain and has been in the 90s feeling well over 100 with the humidity. But that's the way it is here.

The Bahamas will have a lot to live up to in two years time. The closing ceromony is tonight. Well done Guyana!

To see the official website of Carifest, click here

Slideshow of Carifesta X