Sunday, 30 March 2008

Catching up in March 2008!

Look on the right hand side and you will see the latest news. These pictures go with our adventures of the last three weeks or so. Hope you enjoy them.

Mary works with Nursery Teachers on SEN on the Pomeroon River.

Getting to the workshop by private speedboat on the Pomeroon
Staying overnight on the River Pomeroon with the Master Trainer Yvonne Castello

Yvonne's Nursery School on the river - three staff including herself and 24 children. There was no school, so they built one a few years ago from scratch. Her nephew is one of the teachers.
Yvonne, proud of her school and her trainees are proud of her.

Headteacher Trainee workshop given by Stephen on Saturday morning in Charity Region 2 - North West of the country. Delivered in Charity Primary. Some had to come from as far as 37 miles up river to get there in the pouring rain.
Staying the night with another Master Trainer Maydha Persaud and his wife on the Essequibo coast near to Supernaam in a village called Abram Zuil

Guess who? Delivering a workshop the following Tuesday in Bartica where one of the massacres took place.

A week later we visited Kaieteur, the biggest single drop waterfall in the world. We had a private plane with Meg's family. The plane went on to Orinduic Falls. The two are totally different. They are in the mountain region of Guyana in Region 8 just this side of Brazil.

Just to prove we were there!

Orinduic is smaller and much wider. It is like a cascade of waterfalls and is very impressive.

Climb aboard my plane if you are ready to go back home.

If you want to see thes photos and many more, just click on the link below

Photographs of Kaieteur and Orinduic

Mary tries her skill at horse shoes on the beach in Region 6 over Easter. Suriname (Dutch Guiana) in the background. Shadow of me taking a photo in the foreground. That's about as much as you ever see of me.

But I think she preferred the food - Sardine Pizza!

Mary shows off her hat at the hat show - no sorry, that's not Mary. She's eating the afternoon tea with the other voilunteers. This won second prize in the over 80s competition.

And finally, there's lots of building and renovation taking place in Georgetown. We pass this house on our way to work. Wooden built with a filled in concrete section downstairs. I'll keep you posted of its progress.

Wow, the walls have been filled in already.

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