Saturday, 1 December 2007

Broadband and the guard

Yes, we now have broadband and it's great. It costs much more than in England and it's not as good but it's altready transforming our lives from faster emails to BBC news and video to Palace commentary on line.

When the day came to collect my modem, I went alomg to the GT&T office in upper Brickdam, was searched and directed to another office just down the street. Boldly I passed the guard and "Psst, Psst" "You want me?" said I. I was subjected to a real up and down, round and about, no holds barred search by a miserable looking bored lady who had nothing better to do. Note, this is the equivalent of going intp a BT shop. "Second door on the right" she barked and off I went. It was clear this place - window marked 'broadband'. - "How helpful" thinks I. But she just carried on writing, looked up after 2o seconds or so and carried on writing again, chatted to her friend, looked up and yes, I was still there.

"Yes?" she said as though I was the biggest inconvenience she had had all day. I trotted out my well prepared request. "Wait." and it all started over again. Eventually. a charming young man provided me with my modem, I paid and gave me a slip and told me to report to the guard on the way out. "Here we go!".

"Arms out, legs out". "Give me the slip". "I only came for a modem" I said.

She looked me up and down suspiciously and then smiled (which transformed her face.) "You buy me a drink?" she whispered in her best Sunday voice. "Pardon?" I choked "You buy me a drink?" "Can you afford to buy me a drink?" "No, sorry" I spluttered and ran, hopped on my bike and sped home. Narrow escape!