Sunday, 4 November 2007

Cecelia's Dinner

Last Friday, one of the landladies who lives in Station Street, or should I say Stayshon Street as you have to call it if you want to be understood, invited all of the volunteers to share a superb dinner with her. It was all vegetarian and full of excellent flavours.

Amongst other things were potato balls, curried bora, roti, fish balls and the piece de resistennce - a dish in cocunut milk with sweet potato, plantain, yam etc etc. - a culinary delight. We all had a great time.

Here are most of the Georgetown Volunteers.

Back Row - Mira, Meg, Bill (Meg's Partner just visiting), Stephen, Mary, Deepan, Rob with Camilla in front, Petra in front of Camilla with her friend Rudi behind and Hans who works with us.
Front Row - Hannah, Nicolette, Cecelia (the hostess) and Martin

The only ones missing are Peter, Amber and Helen