Wednesday, 28 November 2007

British Guiana

Trams, long since gone going along Regent Street

“The Land of Many Waters” - that’s what Guyana means and it is certainly true. There is water everywhere, from the mighty Essequibo River and the Demerara of sugar fame to the black waters running into the creeks off the main rivers and the dykes and ocean as well as all that that drops from the sky on a frequent basis.

But we remember that Guyana as a country is only 41 years old and during that time has suffered a lot of trauma for various reasons. Guyana is growing fast and assuming its own identity on a daily basis. However, prior to 1966 and Independence Guyana was British Guiana and before that Dutch Guiana and so on and so on throughout its history. It’s a different place now, so those who were around in 1966 tell me. Guyana moves forward in its own way and, still a member of the Commonwealth, and supported in many ways, it forges ahead to create its own destiny.

We found a few photographs of British Guiana and I’ve displayed them here for you to see. They are of places that we know well, give or take a century or so. Things have changed but the history will always be there. The past cannot be changed. In 1945, a devestating fire claimed huge amounts of the centre of Georgetown which forced its development into a new kind of commercial centre that we see today. The Hand in Hand insurance building that we start with proudly dominates that area as it was spared from the flames. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city connecting the past with the present and hopefully the future. It’s our favourite because of it radio advert which talks about “Your Golden Years” which Mary and I are experiencing the start of and hope to continue long into the future!

The Hand in Hand Insurance Company Building in the background

All other bulidings were destoyed in the 1945 fire.

Ginger Beer sellers in the National Park

The beverage is still a favourite amongst many.