Sunday, 17 June 2007

The biting things!

"You might well be worried - we're after you!"

We have been plagued with these evil little ...... since we arrived. This morning I counted 100 new and old bites on the fleshy parts of my body. They are particularly bad at dawn and dusk and during the rainy season they are everywhere. They love to get human blood and then make their getaway. If they get the chance they will bite 5 or 6 times in one region. You rarely see them land but just floating around the air. Fortunately, although the number of bites has not reduced, our reaction to them is getting better.

There are two types of bites – the one which hurts and makes you scratch, lasts a few days and then disappears leaving its mark – and the mosquitoes that attack, leave a blister which can be quite big, drive you insane for one hour exactly and then the blister disappears leaving no mark at all. But the worst of all are those that get you when you are least expecting it, after one or two rums when you are sitting quietly, perhaps reading. These are the commandoes of the mosquito world. They attack the bare feet, bite half a dozen times and before you know it you are driven insane and they have left with a fair proportion of your blood to feast upon whilst you hop around trying not to scratch.

Good bless the little critters. They have to get their food from somewhere. And some people are veggies because of cruelty to animals. What about cruelty to humans by dogs and mozzies?

Death to all Mosquitoes!