Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Definitive Pine Tart

It's appropriate that this is the last post in Guyana for Stephen & Mary @ Guyana because those who know me know that I have sweet tooth and it will probably be my downfall but "what the heck!"

To my delight when I came here, I discovered the Pine Tart and I set myself the challenge of finding the definitive pine tart - the best one. To discover this, it meant that I had to eat around 200 of them whilst I was here (at least 2 a week) and test them for the following:

  • Quality of pineapple jam filling
  • Quality of pastry - somewhere between puff and short crust

  • The colour of the egg wash - not too yellow

  • The taste

  • The size

  • The ability to stay fresh overnight

I had to make a decision and time was getting close when I would never eat another pine tart again unless I made it myself. And then, lo and behold, at the party Nichola and Richard turned up with a box full made by their neighbour baker in Corriverton Region 6. I had to try several during the course of the evening and then have another for breakfast to judge point 6 above.

Nichola and Richard arrived the next day with bated breath whilst I gave my report. I could see Nichola was nervous but it was really important to be impartial about this.

Any way, all in all and taking everything into consideration, I declared the Corriverton Pine Tart the official definitive one of all time.

A fitting end to an enormous and onerous task for me over the last two years.

Of course, Nichola and Richard and Cheryl were there to witness this momentous occasion.

Now it's important to say one last thing before I close. When we arrived in Guyana we were taken to Corriverton for our Home Stay with Cheryl. She gave us a wonderful weekend. It was only fitting therefore that Cheryl stayed with us on our last weekend.

Stephen and his "sweet woman" Cheryl

So that's it for Guyana and loooking forward to seeing you, speaking to you or emailing you from Britain on 2nd March