Sunday, 17 June 2007

A weekend of Food

This weekend, we decided that it was time to have some real food. On Friday evening we went to a Brazilian Restaurant called Peppers on Regent Street. It’s more of a cafĂ© really but the food was very good. The main meat we have here, and let’s face it Mary and I are carnivores (apologies to all those veggies amongst you), is chicken, hotdogs and bacon. Peppers had a supply of excellent barbecued rare beef, chicken and pork. We were a little taken aback when we discovered we had to pay for it by weighing our plate and paying GY$2,000 per kilo. It was quite efficient but strange. We are not prepared to divulge how much we ate but next time we will get filleted chicken rather than on the bone because who wants to pay for bones?

We were going to have a light Saturday evening but Meg and Allende decided to go to JRs (an alcohol free burger bar). This is the place we go when we are seeing someone off. This time it was our friend Meg’s turn who is returning to England for three months due to what the Guyanese call UFA (unexpected family affairs). She’ll be back in September but we will really miss her and we wish her and Bill well during their unexpected time together. She should be in Barbados at this moment waiting for her Virgin flight to Manchester.

Today is 17th June, the day Daniel, our eldest was due (birthday 3 days later). We always celebrate that day so we will be going to the Palm Court for a meal and Karaoke with Jeffery the compere – a mixture of beautiful singing and awful dire caterwauling, but it’s great fun.

Meg's last evening at JR's spent with Stephen, Mary and Allende before she travels back to Manchester for three months. Bon Voyage!
We'll miss you, Meg!!!!