Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Allende makes bread

Bread making has become a routine activity on a Sunday morning – preparation before church, rising during church (8am Mass) and baking after church. Allende (nuestra amiga VSO espanola) was very keen to have a go but 6am on a Sunday was a little early, so we made an arrangement for later and had bread making master class. It was the same day we were due to go to the British High Commissioner’s home and Marie (Canadian VSO from Region 9) and Tulsi (South Indian VSO from across the street) had turned up to talk to us at 7am that morning. They were present for the master class!

Allende threw herself into the task as with everything she does. Sticky fingers and whole body kneading were the order of the day. But the bread turned out fine as you can see from the photos.

She had another private lesson three days later but, at the point of writing, she has not yet ventured into doing it on her own. Perhaps a little more encouragement will be necessary.

El pan delicioso de Allende