Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Just a few photos from our trip to England

I've noticed that quite a few people have been looking at the blog but I haven't been keeping it up - maybe it's pressure of work!!!!
So, just to keep you going until I make the next post, here are a few photos from England and our trip home. There should be another post soon as I'm working on it.
Mary writing her diary in Barbados airport waiting for the next flight.

We hired a small Peugeot for the month we were home.

My sepia version of the old Brighton Pier just before sunset.

Truro Cathedral from the square when I visited my sister Irene in Cornwall.

The Cathedral from the West Side
Lands End - Cornwall

Church from the main street in Redruth, Cornwall

House boat on the Kennet and Avon Canal where we cycled
Just to prove that I cycled in England as well as Guyana.

And what could be more British than this?
The whole trip to England was very strange. Somehow it was too early for us to be there because we had only been in Guyana for 7 months. It was great to see everyone - friends - Peter and Angela, Alice and Koby, Jane and Trevor, Dee and Andy to name but a few - family - Matt, Daniel and Lucy, Irene, Ann, John, Eileen, Debbie and families and everyone else. And of course Dad who wasn't that well but we hear is well on the mend now so the trip was worth it in the end. It was great to see Tim and Cath and share their 51st wedding anniversary with them.
Special mention to Hannah and Dave and Miranda for a great evening talking about Guyana.
And a Special Special mention to the Lady Foxy, the King's Sweet Woman who entertained us, fed us and put us up in her Chester Castle!!!!!
The next post will be about the first month back. How time flies!