Sunday, 22 April 2007

Guyana Cricket Fever

Guyana has World Cup Cricket Fever. The Super 8’s were held here prior to the quarter finals and finals on the islands. Eeverything was spruced up. Grass was cut, litter picked and everything beautifed and manicured. It was a huge national effort that has made Georgetown lovely.

We went to see one of the first matches at the new Providence Stadium which was completed at the 11th hour. It was a great affair with excellent transport, free flags and a wonderful atmosphere. The West Indies were playing at home against Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, it was obvious the West Indies were not going to make it from pretty early in to the match. Sri Lanka batted first and achieved well over 200 runs after 50 overs. The Windies in the afternoon were not able to meet that, although they had a spurt in the middle around the 22nd over when the crowd got really excited. But it was short lived and they couldn’t match the Sri Lankan score. We sat on the grass mound and it was about the only match that had been a sell out with all 14,000 seats being occupied.

That was a few weeks ago and yesterday we watched (on TV) the match between England and the West Indies. Neither had a lot to lose in Championship terms but the prize money would have been good. We watched it on and off throughout the day as we did our jobs and shopping. By five, I had to go out but became glued to the game (yes me - one who didn't even know the rules!) The Windies had batted in the morning with a very respectable 300 afte 50 overs and England were on a knife edge to beat that. It got down to 30 runs needed for 20 balls and then 14 for 14 balls and then Pietersen was out! Would it be a repeat of a previous game when they lost by 5 runs?

No! 20 year old bowler, Stuart Broad, with his opening batsman father in the stands, scored 5 with, finishing off the game with a jubilant 4 destroying the West Indies hopes. Lara looked sad as he had played his last game for the Windies!

Perhaps, I'm not really a convert, but maybe a draw would have been kinder!
If you want the full results of the game, CLICK HERE