Sunday, 22 April 2007

The skirts and the hair (or lack of it!)

Well, two little things have happened to both of us recently. Firstly, Mary has managed to rip two skirts on her bicycle and so she now wears trousers but, as work has a strict dress code, she was short of clothes. We were given the name of a dressmaker by our landlady. she came round and measured Mary up. We chose the material from town and for the princely cost of £4 a garment she had 3 tops and 3 skirts made. The outfits turned out to be quite good especially as we had spent a long time choosing the fabric.

Secondly, I went to the barbers as my hair was getting quite long. I should have been warned by the fact that the 3 men before me all came out bald despite it taking 20 minutes each and lots of razor blades. I told the man what I wanted and showed him a picture. We agreed a price and away he went. After the first swish of his razor, he said” is that alright, Sir!” Well, I’ve never had a number one before and now I have. There was no point in arguing as half of it was already gone before he asked me. Mary said it was “awful and “horrible” but others quite like it and it’s certainly practical for the heat!