Sunday, 22 April 2007

The Fall and Rise of the Sacred Heart Church, Georgetown

We go to church on Sundays at 8am to the Ursuline convent which is a lovely brick built church (rare) which has been adopted by the Parish of the Sacred Heart whose wooden church was burnt down on Christmas Eve. It seems apprpriate that we have adopted this as our church because my first Church in Darwen where I was born was the Sacred Heart. (My mother would be proud of me).

They are having problems rebuilding it because the Bishop does not appear to be in favour of it. But they say they will have a church on that site by next Christmas Eve even if it is in a tent. What a spirit! They sell cross buns and cakes to pay for it. A long project. They say it was a really beautiful church and one of the oldest in the country. The site now lies bare after the parishioners cleaned it up ready for the rebuild they long for.
Since then, I have met the Headteacher of the Sacred Heart School which it seems was also burnt down at the same time. They are having a terrible time in temporary accomodation. Every weekend, the hall is used for parties and dances and when they get back on Monday, the school is in a terrible state. How disheartening! Is there anyone out there who can help?

After church a few come round to us for coffee and biscuits – it’s becoming a tradition as we are nearest to the church.