Monday, 9 February 2009

Last Day in NCERD

Last 5 minutes in the office

You wait for it for so long, with so much work to complete, especially after being ill, and eventually the last day arrives. It comes and it goes. But it was an excellent final day in NCERD. However, we were working until 15 minutes before the "get together" arranged to say farewell to us.

Cleaners Faye and Joy
Mary receives plaque from Andrew Kartick

They did us proud and all of the departments met up in the auditorium and speeches were made and such nice things were said about our work here.

Murray presents Meg with her ear rings


In the end they gave us a plaque each in appreciation and gold ear rings for the ladies and a gold Guyana tie pin for me.

We will certainly miss NCERD after two years there!

Stephen showing off the plaque of appreciation