Wednesday, 31 December 2008

December news 2008

It's 31st December 2008 and we spend Old Year's Night with Nicola, Richard, Nicolette and Martin.

It's 27th December 2009 and we escape to Tobago for a week in the sun and very little rain.

It's 25th December 2008 and we go to the Pegasus Hotel with friends for christmas lunch. Yard is flooded and it's pouring rain for the second year on the run.

It's 24th December 2008 and we are invited to a small party at NCERD with Miss Ali, Mary's Line Manager. Tonight we will go to Midnight Mass at the Ursuline Convent

It's 22nd December 2008 and we go to the Ministry of Education Christmas party at Georgetown Cricket Club

It's 20th December 2008 and due to the lack of any VSO Party and the British High Commissioner didn't invite VSOs to his bash last week, we decided to hold our own here. See separate report for pictures.

It's 19th December 2008 and we finish work for Christmas having met our deadlines for Christamas. We worked right to the last minute and there has been hardly anyone working for the last month. Wind down for Christmas is phenomenal in Guyana

It's 13th December 2008 and we go to Odysssey Roof Top Garden to celebrate 22 months - getting close to the end now

It's 4th December 2008 and we go to the Pegasus Hotel for their Pizza Night