Sunday, 14 December 2008

Celebrating another month

Mary and Miriam

Ever since we arrived in Guyana 22 months ago on 13th February 2007 we have celebrated our achievements by going out for a meal on the 13th of each month to different places. In the early days of course Allende was with us but now she's been gone for over a year. Yesterday was no exception and for the last year or so others have joined us as they arrived 6 months later on 13th.

Mary and Mira

So yesterday we went to the Roof Top Garden Cafe in Kitty. It's a little known secret, even the taxis don't seem to know where it is. On top of a building with a view of the city we had a a lovely meal with Nicolette and Martin, Mira and Miriam (honourary VSO for this purpose from Canada who is 6 months ahead of us and doing 3 years - what a star!).

Nicolette and Martin celebrated their anniversary

We toasted Meg and Bill who are in England at the moment (Meg came with us) at 7-30pm as promised. It was a great evening but we realised that the next one which will be on 13th January 2009 will be the last!
It was one of those days. They did take pictures of me but everybody I was with had their eyes closed so I cut them out. So I cropped myself out of the others and here I am. The red face could be the sun or the alcohol. I'm not sure.