Sunday, 26 October 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving

I've never been to a Thanksgiving before, American or Canadian and so it was a great treat when we were invited by Miriam, our Canadian volunteer friend (honoroury VSO - she is with the church volunteering for three years), invited us for the Canadian Thanksgiving on 13th October. It fully lived up to expectations!

Not easy to get a turkey in Guyana but she did it and our VSO friends Nicolette and Martin regalled us with a magnificant Pumkin Pie (never had that before either) which was really delicious. Actually the food was superb and the company even better. Pity Mary and Meg had to miss it, being on their way to Mahdia. Turkey, all the trimmings. What a treat.

Thanks Miriam! I wasn't the only non Canadian because Peace Corps American Chase was there. They certainly do it in style even in Guyana.
Nicolette and Martin's Pumpkin Pie