Sunday, 31 August 2008

Master Trainers' Workshop

Stephen addressing Master Trainers with
Minister of Education Hon. Shaik Baksh and Mr Goolsarran (Director of NCERD)

The main part of my job is to train the Master Trainers who train the aspiring Heads and Headteachers in post on the Education Management Certificate Programme. I am also responsible for rewriting all of the materials for this programme. I am half way there. One of the reasons why I have not done many postings on this blog is because I have been preoccupied with a lot of training anf the prepartaion in the last couple of months. In addition I have been working on the NCERD website which is now in the form of a blog.

Anyway, back to the workshop. There were 32 Headteachers / Regional Directors / District Education Officers who all carry out this task. We met for a full week's training in NCERD. A full report on this workshop can be found on the above website or click the link below to go directly to it:-
Official Report

Report with Pictures
Thanks to Mary for so ably assisting me throughout the week!!!!