Sunday, 3 February 2008

Mary and Meg and Educare Number 8 in Bartica

One of the great meeting of minds was when Mary and Meg met up with Ed Denham (ex VSO) and in charge of Educare - an NGO responsible for after school clubs, feeding programmes and all sorts of other good stuff that helps the children of Guyana - a child centred organisation which has the needs of the child at its heart.

Before we came home in August, Mary had prepared a template for a whole load of workshops for after school clubs to be run in the different regions. Basically, they were to help children to read whilst at the same time ensuring that their physical needs were met, thus encouraging them to attend. This is where our friend Meg took over after a three month stint in England for personal reasons. She took over and did the first half dozen or so workshops on her own. Wow!, what a challenge!

When we returned, Mary joined her and now another wave has come into being and they've been in Bartica with the same programme. It's sterling work and they're to be congratulated for their perseverance.

Meg and Mary are really a great team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!