Sunday, 17 February 2008

Mabaruma Region One

Immediately after I came back from Bartica, in fact the next day, we set off for Mabaruma which is in the farthest North West of the country near to Venezuela to visit our VSO friends Helen and Celia who are working as a Literacy Specialist and an SEN Specialist respectively.

The region is accesible by boat or plane but there are no roads. We went there once before when we went by boat to Shell Beach - See April. This time we went the easy way by 12 seater plane - just 55 minutes.

They live in a beautiful part of the country and it is very different from Georgetown. The people are mainly of Amerindian descent and are for the most part very gentle and polite.

We visited the main schools in the area and also the Regional Education Officer who is one of the Master Trainers I train.
There is a lot less available in Mabaruma and the market was very sparse compared to Georgetown. (only one pineapple on sale at three times the price). So there are advantages and disadvantages of living anywhere.

They treated us to lovely home cooking and tried quite a few different Guyanese dishes. The bats in the loft, the cow at the door and the general lack of loud music, dogs and quiet frogs made it a very pleasant weekend experience.
I've put together a collection of pictures. Look at the children. They are beautiful. What happens to them?

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