Sunday, 9 December 2007


It's about two months ago now and before Diwali, but I've only just got hold of the photographs.
Our colleague in the office, Chitra, is Hindu and she lives on the East Coast. She kindly invited us to go to her Mandir for the festival of NAVARATHI. It's one of the greatest Hindu Festivals. It symbolises the triumph of good over evil and takes place at the beginning of October about Harvest time. During this period Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped as 3 different manifestations of Shakti, or cosmic energy. Navarathri means 9 nights and something takes place on each night. We were there at the start of it.

We were present for all of the service as you can see from the photographs. Afterwards Chitra took us to her home. It's very different from Georgetown - quiet and peaceful. What a treat.

Those pesky donkeys get everywhere!