Friday, 19 January 2007

Guyana Videos

I have placed two videos of Guyana in the sidebar (to the right and down). They give you some kind of idea of where we are going and what it will be like. I hope you enjoy them.

The first is a song from a Guyanan who clearly loves his country!

The second goes a bit more into detail about Guyanan life.

We have now just over three weeks to go and an awful lot to do. We've completed all of our courses. I have just completed the last one in Harborne Hall on Organisational Development. We are both ready to get on with the job now. However, there's still loads to do. The house has been changed around ready for letting. Does anyone want to buy a car????

We still don't have anywhere to live but I'm sure that will be sorted soon. I hope it has a little more than the one above.